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Have you ever had difficulties understanding the Bible?


If so, then this Website is for you!


We use a video-based learning model. Click on the Video Lessons page above to watch both short lessons (under 5 minutes) and 30-minute video lessons.
  • Your lessons are very clear and easy to follow. I am really understanding the Bible now.
    Norma Goode, Long Island, NYLong Island, NY
  • I was examining some of your content on this website and I believe this website is a real valuable tool to someone like me who needs help understanding the bible.
    Andrea Lemley, Portland, ORPortland, OR
  • I love this site. Information is presented in very organized, succinct fashion. Easy for the beginner to follow.
    Aaliyah Powell, Las Vegas, NV
  • My small group leader shared this website with us. This is a great resource. The information is good for a new believer like myself.
    Crystal Hibish, Hungtington Beach, CAHuntington Beach, CA
  • This is awesome!!  You have my undivided attention. 🙂Shirelle Tubbs, Atlanta, GA
  • Your ministry is an easy way to be in my Word 30 minutes a week outside of church. It’s easy, I just follow along while it is read for me. Then you explain each section.
    Roland Martin, Long Beach, CA
  • The bible has always been confusing for me.  You are a really good teacher.  You make the bible easy to understand.
    Shirley Wilson, Carson, CACarson, CA
  • Thanks so much Teena. In a 30 minute session, I learned so much that I was unaware of. Thank you for preparing yourself and being so knowledgeable.
    Betty Knauls, Long Beach, CA
  • I like how you break up the lessons into 30 minute sessions. It helps me have consistent study time. You have enough lessons posted for a year or more.
    Patricia Lewin, UK
  • Your weekly lessons are helping me keep my new year’s resolution to study God’s word.  I only have to give up 30 minutes of TV each week.  Many thanks, I appreciate it!
    Joycelyn Lewandowski, Lubbock, TXLubbock, Texas
  • You’ve clearly spent some time on these lessons. I will use some of your resources on my website.
    Most Sacred, Long Beach, CA
  • This is fantastic! Thanks Teena for blessing us with a wealth of information!
    Gwen Van Brunt, Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA
  • This is great stuff. Thank you for your dedication to the Word of God. Your tips to learning the Word have been very helpful. Keep up the “God” work!
    Lin Artise, Portsmouth, VA
  • I like your style of teaching. You are very intelligent, but you don’t teach over peoples head.
    Melvina Jones, San Jose, CA
  • We do not have many resources like this in India. Thank you for posting these lessons.
    Rakesh Patel, New Delhi, India

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