One Month To Live

web-slider1Psalm 90:12:  Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.


Study Session 1


Meditate on the following questions:

  1. I f you knew you had one month to live, how might you live more wisely?
  2. Read Psalm 90:12

What does it mean to “number our days”? What is the connection between numbering
our days and gaining “a heart of wisdom”?

  1. Exploring Deeper: Read James 3:13­-18

How does verse 13 say wisdom is evidenced in a person’s life? The phrase “bitter envy”
and “selfish ambition” are used in verses 14 and 16 to describe the root of earthly
wisdom. Why do you think these terms are used?

How do verses 17­-18 describe the wisdom that “comes from heaven”?


Study Session 2


Meditate on the following:

1. Knowing that tomorrow is not promised….How would you say you are living? Are you living life to the full? Do you feel like fear plays a part in why you may or may not be living out your life the way God is calling you?

2. Name one or two things you would change about your life right now if you knew you only had one month to live.

3. Did you watch the session 1 challenge video this week at What were some of your take away thoughts?

3. As a group read the introduction in One Month to Live Book on pages 1­6. Answer question #2 on page 6.


Read Joshua 1:6­9

Background: Joshua has just been commissioned by God to take over the work of Moses in leading the Israelite people into the promised Land. The task at hand for Joshua is monumental and probably a bit overwhelming.

What is the main theme in this passage? What promise does God make to Joshua? Exploring Deeper: Read Isaiah 41:9­10

In verse 7, God instructs Joshua to be “very courageous” but also to be “careful”. Why is it so important to be both courageous and careful when confronted with an opportunity to step up out in faith?

What does verse 9 reveal about the way God chooses the people He wants us to be? God gives two commands in verse 10, both beginning with the phrase”do not….” What are they and what reassurance does He give regarding these commands?

What promise does God make to His people at the end of this passage?

What prohibits us from stepping out in faith and taking risks in life? What promises and assurances does God’s words gives us if we would be obedient to Him and calling He has placed on our lives?


Study Session 3


Meditate on the following:

1.Our life on this earth is infinite, so how are we investing in the lives of those around us and taking advantage of our time with them? Do you feel you are investing in the lives of those around you? Why or why not?

2. Do you connect with God daily or do you find yourself faster connecting with television or other mindless activities? What keeps you from connecting to God as your primary source of spiritual life?

3. Have you ever been disappointed by God? How did he not come through for you? How did this affect your relationship with Him? How can you exercise trust in God as your loving Father even when you feel disappointed?

As a group consider what the following verses reveal about being loved by God and in return loving others completely.

1. Read 1 John 3:16 & 4:7­11
How do both of these passages define and explain what love is?

According to these passages what is the connection between the love God has for us and the love we have for others? Where does the motivation for our love for others come from? Is it fair to say that if we do not accurately understand God’s love for us then we cannot properly love others?

Explore Deeper: Read John 13:34­35
What does verse 34 reveal about the connection that followers of Christ should have with one another?

In terms of your personal relationships, what would change about them if you began to love each other the way Christ has first loved you?

If you knew you had one month to live, how might that motivate you to know the love of God more? How might that change the way you loved the people in your life?


Study Session 4


Meditate on the following:

1. How do we learn to use the struggles of life to build us up rather than tear us down?

2. Think of a current or past conflict in your life. If you knew you only had one month to live how would you go about solving the conflict?

3. How do you communicate your commitment to those you love? Do you tend to tell more than you show or show more than you tell? Have you ever tried practicing the style you least favor? Who do you think in your life do you need to communicate your love to?

Consider what the following verses reveal about how God works powerfully in our lives as we preserve through the hard times.

Read James 1:2­4 What perspective allows us to find joy in the midst of our trails? In verse 2 it says we should consider it joy “ whenever” we face trials, not “if” we face trials. What does this say about the probability that we will at some point in life face hard times?

According to verse 4, what benefit do we reap when we persevere through our trials?

Explore Deeper: Read Romans 5:3­5 What are some ways we can rejoice in our sufferings when we’re going through difficult times?

How much have you seen God use trial in your life to produce perseverance, character, and hope?


Weekly Session 5


Meditate on:

1. What would happen if we stopped and considered how sometimes the smallest things in life can make the biggest impact?

2. How would today be different if we lived it not just to make it through but to make it last?

3.Think about a loved one who has passed away. How would you describe his or her spiritual legacy? What would you like to emulate about this person’s legacy of character? What would you like to avoid?

4. What eternal investment have you made this week? How much time have you spent engaged with God’s word? How do you spend time connecting with people in ways that matter most?


Weekly Session 6

Meditate on the following:

1. Are you living out your passion?

Think of two areas of your of life you are most passionate about and identify ways that you can spend more time pursuing things.

2. If you knew you had one month to live, how would you live more passionately? Would you seek

personal safety and security or personal sacrifice and surrender for the sake of Christ?

3. What are you most afraid of? How does fear affect you? Do you think fear contributes to your

ability or inability to live life to the fullest as purposed by God?

Deeper Exploration:

1.Read Acts 20:24

The apostle Paul was an incredibly passionate man. How passionate was he about fulfilling the

mission that God had called him to?

Where did Paul’s values lie? in his own personal safety or in the successful completion of the task

Christ had given Him?

Now Read Acts 21:13

After being warned several times not to go back to Jerusalem because he would surely be killed, the

Apostle Paul declared that he was ready to lose his life for “the name of the Lord Jesus”. Nothing

could dissuade him. Nothing could minimize the passion of Paul? How resolute was he on

accomplishing the task God had given him?

2. Are you at a point in your life where you feel empty? What are the things that are draining to you?

What things in life are you pursuing that never quite seem to satisfy? Commit to turning from those

things and pursuing a fulfillment to your emptiness that can only be found in Christ. Read and

meditate on His words. Ask Him to fill you up and allow you to truly live with passion and purpose.

3. Commit today to begin reading through the Bible in a year. Go to your local Christian bookstore

and purchase a Bible that is laid out in a way that makes it easy to keep on track. Just like Jesus said,

man lives on the very words that comes from the mouth of God. End your One Month to live. Lifestyle

challenge by challenge to filling yourself with God’s word. Mobile phone apps like Bible Gateway and

YouVersion offer daily devotions and Bible in a year reading plans. Or simply start at Genesis

reading three chapters per day and you will have read the Bible cover to cover in one year.


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