Folded ArmsTeena devotes her life to teaching and preaching the Word of God.  She believes biblical illiteracy to be a growing problem among Believers.  She founded to illuminate Scripture and make it plain and simple for everyone to understand.

As a retired executive, Teena repurposed her training skills and leadership skills.  Teena joined the ministry of The Word Is Out, a Bible teaching ministry focused on teaching biblical literacy to Pastors and Preachers in third world countries.  It was through this ministry that her Bible teaching skills were honed under the mentorship of Alan J. Meenan, BA, MDiv, ThM, PhD, DD.

Teena serves as Chairman of the National Board of Directors for The Word Is Out ministry.  She also serves on the Leadership Council (Deacon) for her home church, Light and Life Christian Fellowship.  She was recently elected to the Ministerial Education and Guidance (MEG) Board of the Free Methodist Church, Southern California Region.

Teena holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, and has completed some of the coursework towards a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Teena is married to LeBarron and they are the proud parents of a 20-year old college student, Omauri and a grown-up daughter, Barika who has blessed them with their first grandchild.  Their family has also been blessed with a Brazilian son, Ibsen who became a part of their family initially as an exchange student many years ago.


  1. Marc 5 years ago

    You go gurl! I just listened to your testimony, and as you know, I am a witness. I was blessed enough to watch as God brought you completely out of that pit and that false religion. Keep doing what you’re doing, God’s not finished with you yet. God Bless and keep you and your family and your ministry…..
    Marc the Scribe of Your Life…

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Pastor Marc, your kind words of encouragement are especially meaningful from you, not just because you were there to help in finally bringing an end to this system of abuse, but because of the tremendous amount of respect I have for your pastorship, preaching, teaching and ministry.

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